Hormone Implant/Rod

Hormone Implant/Rod is one of the LARC(Long Acting Reversible Contraception). At your first appointment, Dr Romi Ahluwalia will go through other options if you require. She will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of Hormone Implant/Rod to help you make an informed decision

february_blue_bullet-copyWhat is Hormone Implant/Rod?

Hormone Implant/Rod is a matchstick sized flexible plastic rod. It contains a hormone called etonogestrel. It is a birth control implant, once inserted it helps prevent a pregnancy for up to 3 years.

february_blue_bullet-copyIs it an effective birth control method?

It is one of the most effective, reversible methods of birth control. It is over 99% effective.

february_blue_bullet-copyHow do I go about it?

Make an appointment with Dr Romi Ahluwalia to discuss it further.
Hormone Implant/Rod is inserted by a doctor or a nurse who has have received training and have been accredited to carry out the procedure. It takes around 10-15 minutes and involves preparing the area(Upper inner arm) with a local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort. After the procedure, there may be some bruising and discomfort which usually resolves in a few days. It can be left in the body for up to three years.
It could be removed or replaced.
Removal involves a doctor or a nurse giving you a local anaesthetic, making a small cut to remove the Hormone Implant/Rod. You will usually not require any stitches and the tiny cut heals in a few days. If you prefer to continue with Hormone Implant/Rod a new rod could be inserted at the same site.

february_blue_bullet-copyHow long does Hormone Implant/Rod take to start working as an effective Birth Control method?

It depends on when is it inserted in relation to your cycle
If it is done within the first five days of a normal period it is an effective contraceptive immediately. If it is inserted at any other time during your menstrual cycle it takes seven days to become effective.

february_blue_bullet-copyWhat if I decide to get pregnant and have an Hormone Implant/Rod in my arm?

Hormone Implant/Rod can be removed sooner than three years and return to fertility is immediate.

february_blue_bullet-copyWill I put on weight?

Some women may notice a weight gain, most women will not notice a significant change.

february_blue_bullet-copyWhat should I expect after Hormone Implant/Rod is inserted?

Most women will notice a change in bleeding pattern.
You may stop bleeding altogether, this is not harmful. Some women will experience irregular bleeding, this may be spotting or like a period. Some women might experience acne, breast tenderness and mood changes.